With our right the first-time approach, we are able to provide our customers professional technical inspection services that ensure product/process quality, minimizing the risks of delivery delays, operability, safety and environmental impact for vendor and project inspections. We continuously assist our clients in carrying out the inspections as per the approved procedures on various stages which includes the final inspection before dispatch.

Inspection services are managed by competent coordinators fully supported by qualified technical personnel. Each inspection is thoroughly documented through comprehensive reports that represent the inspector’s findings in a clear and detailed manner.

Inspection services are provided by highly qualified and extremely competent technical inspectors fully conversant with international codes and standards. Our inspectors are certified for several process like but not limited to Non-Destructive Testing, Welding inspection, Metallurgy, Coating Inspection, Electrical inspection.

The detailed reports from the inspectors are technically reviewed and electronically delivered with 24 hours of the visit, dependent on global time zones at the location of supply.

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